As a result, most shortcuts are interchangeable as long as, for example, Command is substituted for Ctrl as appropriate. [ Word menus and special characters | Web links ] To enter other accented letters in Windows: The Help menu includes links to different parts of the Sibelius web site. To transfer a Windows PhotoScore file to Mac, drag one or more files onto Set as PhotoScore file in the folder called Extras within your Sibelius folder. Here are the basics from a culmination of books that I use as reference: Tessitura supports registrations and sales to all of your education programs through any channel. ... Beleaguered but hopeful missionary for keyboard shortcuts. If you plan to use your computer's built-in sound hardware, you don't need to install OMS, as QuickTime Music will be automatically detected and used by Sibelius. In addition, Sibelius v1.2 can open files saved in v1.22. [CDATA[ ... -API Integration with Tessitura Ticketing Software -Project Management, Software Source/Version Control -PCI Scanning and Compliance You can't transfer saving between two copies of Sibelius on the same computer. [CDATA[ Ctrl+I = ' //